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  • Gavno Lament
Located in:


Created By: Gavnell, Octopus58




Population: 1
Date Created: 2017

Agony is the manifestation of negativity from M.O.G, where Gavnell is contained. It is not a prison nor is it a cell, as Gavnell can easily leave the boundaries if provoked. It has no permanent location, and is a separate reality not contained within SP. Rather getting there is achieved by thought alone, and departing is achieved the same way. Completion is the polar opposite location to Agony.

Physical Geography

This dimension is infinite, but it does not have a lot to look at. It is shaped like a strange half maze half dome that keeps growing the further you go from the origin. The floor and ceiling is made of a black hardened material that absorbs all light, and it has shards of glass like material resembling Gavnell's colors. They seem to grow black roots onto the walls, which also appear to be made of stained glass like material, emitting some source of light but trapping most of it. Occasionally, pieces of glass seemingly fly through the space of this reality.

Since this location has no permanent anchor, there is also no route to any other real world location. This means that if one were to be present in Agony, it would only be a partial connection, with the being actually acting as a tether from some point else.


There are no living things contained within Agony. The only entity there is Gavnell, which does not fit into the category of living as he is a manifestation of ongoing negative thought.