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Avatar drawn by SpicyCoffee
Aliases: MyCoffeeTooSpicy, Roseyy, Emily, Emmy, Em
Born: September 11th, 2001
Occupation: Game developer, vocalist, artist, writer
Residence: United States
Languages: English, Spanish

SpicyCoffee, or her real name Emily, has partnered up with Octopus58 in mid-2018 to not only become the Co-founder of MGFlow58, but work on existing projects of the company to express her life-long interests in illustration, animation, music, and vocals. Her role, in the game Guppy's Quest, is all the sprite work, tile sets, art, and animation for the entire game, revamped from its previous style. Emily’s goal is to make people happy and inspired to pursue their live long dreams, by hobbies and efforts she enjoys herself.


Emily was born in New Jersey on September 11, 2001. The name, Rosemaryy, was inspired by her middle name Rose. Emily has lived in New Jersey all of her life, and at age 4, she has grown her own interest in drawing fictional characters, cartoon, and other kinds of art varieties that express either a design, or emotion. At age 5, her mother showed her interest in different genres of music, such as Electronic, House, EDM, and so on. And at age 7, her older sister influenced her to begin singing and voice acting. Emily was not too widely popular with her interests and hobbies in art and singing, except for her friends and family. She would participate in contests or talent shows and cabarets, regarding those activities, throughout most of her school life. Emily kept those hobbies to herself, most the time, however. It has something she has grown to love more during her free time, and over the years, improved in those activities. She has also enjoyed playing a lot of adventure/action, crafting, and puzzle video games, such as Minecraft and Nintendo games such as The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros., Kirby, Sonic, etc., which has grown her interest in detailing characters if her own into their own life, and story, all from her mind.

Emily has had fascinations to many Internet icons and cartoon characters, such as Nyan Cat, My Little Pony, Steven Universe, and Vocaloid, to the point of where she has created fictional characters regarding them. She was popular for posting digital and traditional drawings as such on a DeviantArt account of hers, until it all stopped at around 2013, due to family issues regarding them. Overtime, Emily has begun to create characters of her own originality and taking previous characters into their own originality as well. This is where she begun to take her ideas of stories to life, and to bring alive a new interest in producing music of her own. The music she would listen to was a huge inspiration to creating original stories, plot lines, events characters would experience, and new developing characters. And due to an old high school friend of hers, she was interested in learning an instrument. Emily has participated in a band in 2010, but didn’t grow too fond of it until 2015, when she got her own keyboard and acoustic guitar, and began to practice and create melodies and music of her own, besides just singing.

In May 2017, Emily met Octopus58 (Developer), or Michael, and quickly grown very close to him and his life, to where they not only got in a relationship, but both took their life long ideas and creativity together. Emily was inspired by Michael, to create a story, characters, and a fictional way to express her life and perspective on how much she has changed as a person.

That’s when she created Evo in late May 2017, and the story begun on from there. Over the span of a few months, Emily made more and more characters that can not only be played as their own role, just like any other story, but symbolize something in her life that was impactful, whether good or bad. Evo, Lüm, and Moncita were all created to represent difference in appearance, personality, and how to try and “fit-in with the crowd”. Mich and Alys were made to represent Emily’s emotion, Mich being a symbol of happiness and contentment, and Alys symbolizing anger, negativity, and evil thoughts; both of which Emily feels over the course of her life. Their names were also inspired by certain people who made a big impact in her life as well, and E15 is the fusion of them two. The point Emily wants to persuade is during certain points of a person’s life, is to learn from experiences to not be a better person, but to understand one’s self, and to experience every part of happiness someone can always have an opportunity to find in their lives. Even if it’s beside somebody else.

Emily is currently a high school graduate, and hopes to make a living on what she loves. She is hoping to combine her attributes with Michael, and make not only other people happy, but for themselves.


Guppy's Quest

Guppy's Quest was the first major project Emily has ever worked on. She has been very fascinated by previous builds of the developing game, originally started in 2013 by Octopus58. And then during mid 2018, he asked her to work on the game and redesign all of its previous Java phase. Since the game was being switched on to the Unity software, and since Emily was very skilled and interested in working towards the game, she has now become the artist of Guppy's Quest. She currently works on the sprites, designs, backgrounds, animations, etc., and collaborates with Michael to make more diverse ideas, write out more of the game's story, and even adds some of her own characters and connect them to the game as well, due to them being very close to each other. Emily's characters originally started after she got together in a relationship with Michael.


Around late April of 2018, both Emily and Michael have considered to make another project together along with the development of Guppy's Quest. That project would consist of the same roles as Guppy's Quest: Emily would be in charge of the art, the icons, the backgrounds, etc., while also helping Michael come up with more creative ideas for the project, and providing her own original characters into ME-OS, as he would program the project to life.