Best Kept Secret

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This page is part of the Abnohusk collection
This page contains content on Abnohusk #6.
This Abnohusk belongs in the Unknown safety category.
Best Kept Secret
Aliases: BKS
Classification Information
ID: #6
Safety Level: Unknown
Location: Loturm cell 100S1E
Date of Discovery:
  • Discovery by Tumen on 2021-12-08

The Best Kept Secret (or BKS for short) is a partially physical object rooted in reality. It is contained in the shape of a small reflective looking ball which gives off no heat or any kind of radiation. The object is unbreakable and what's inside is completely unknown.


The origin of this object is completely unknown as it is based on a paradox. In order for a secret to truly remain one, not even the creator must know what it is about. For this object specifically, it appeared in space outside of the SP boundaries when M.O.G. had a thought of this paradox, suggesting that just the thought of this idea brings it into reality.

The entity is contained within a reflective sphere like object. It seems to have no true molecular structure and a truly infinite amount of faces, and the surface does not absorb any kind of energy. It is constantly freezing cold and shows no readings of any kind. It's also completely non-conductive and weighs very lightly.

Any attempt to destroy or manipulate this object seems useless as it seems simply the principle of this object prevents any alterations to its visible form.

Holding Description

Special precautions have been taken to properly secure the Best Kept Secret. While anything could be inside, it also seems unlikely that it would ever come out due to the secretive nature. For this purpose it has been placed in a cell further away from the origin, and the cell itself has extra precautious measures. The cell has tinted unbreakable glass like walls, and on the inside is a display case with the object suspended with magic constraints. It was put in there by Gontaper.

Research and Logs

Log #1

Conducted at 2021-12-10 at 05:21 GMT -5
Witnesses: M.O.G., Blubbert, Gagma, Gontaper, Karov, and Tumen.

M.O.G. called witnesses at random to the cell after Gontaper finished installing the constraints. Each witness was asked what they thought could be inside the object, or what they think the secret was. Gagma said that it could be some kind of power or energy container. Karov said it could contain a life, or perhaps a whole other reality. Blubbert simply said "Why can't it just be a bone? It could be anything at all, so how's that any less of a guess than the other ones?". Gontaper tried to make a guess that took a bit from everyone, being that quite literally "everything and anything" could be inside. When asked how would that be possible, he said it makes just as little sense as this object itself. When it was Tumen's turn to comment, all he said was that this cell should definitely hold it secure.

Then M.O.G. had an idea, why not try to see how much force it could take to modify this object? This could be something as simple as putting a scratch in it to destroying the thing entirely. All witnesses collectively tried to fire strong energy beams at the sphere, but the room just started heating up and nothing else happened. So then Blubbert tried biting down really hard on it with a force too strong to measure, yet not even a chip was made. Gagma tried melting it in his core, but it came out just as cold as it was before. Gontaper asked if all the creatures in SP should just go super pure and fuse into one as an attempt to modify the ball, but it was considered to be too big of a mess by M.O.G. and the object was left as is.