Guo Ark

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Guo Ark
Aliases: None
Located in: Zelosian Ocean (most of the time)
Created By: M.O.G
Guardians: Bibog and Karov
Population: 12
Date Created: July 12th 2022

The Guo Ark is the ship where the Guo Gang resides. It's their main method of transport, their gathering place, and their battle fleet.


The ship is about 25 meters long and can house multiple creatures inside. It has one field, one main mast with three pieces of cloth and a red flag on top. The ship is also 10 meters wide. Below the floor of the ship are multiple rooms including a kitchen and specialized bedrooms. The red tower on the ship houses a dining hall as well as some more bedrooms and rooms for other purposes such as studies. On the very top of the ships red tower is a light that is powerful enough to light up dark areas far away.


  • Prior to the current design of the Guo Ark, a version of it still existed outside of the Master Sync. This means that the ship they would be seen on would change every time due to magical properties, but now it has a constant form.