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Origin: Mignia, Kewtia, various other worlds
Rarity: Extremely Rare
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Kewtians are a very rare species of god-like beings from the Mattyverse. They are peaceful, and are known to be friendly and playful. Kewtians are also known for being couragous and adventurous, causing them to often take heroic roles if the opportunity arises.

Kewtians are unique in the sense that they start out at a lower level of power, and continuously grow in power over time. This growth can be sped up if they use their powers and participate in battles, and doesn't stop at any point. While this isn't strictly unique to Kewtians (as many species in the Mattyverse can grow stronger), Kewtians are known to grow quicker, and are already very powerful when born. A young Kewtian will already overpower most species, as even a young adult Kewtian can destroy planets with simple punches.

Unlike other creatures, Kewtians are unique in that they will never reach a power limit. A Kewtian will continue to grow in power and size forever.
This is one of the reasons why they are among the strongest beings in the multiverse, and they typically only face a challenge against other very powerful beings. Such as powerful monsters, giant creatures, cosmic beings, and gods. Although as a Kewtian God, the only challenge is usually the most powerful Chaos entities.

Kewtians are one of the beings that don't exist in parallel universes. There is only one of each Kewtian, no matter what.

Kewtian Types & Generations

There are differences between the generations of Kewtians. The 1st and 2nd generations are different and referred to as Proto Kewtians, while the 3rd and beyond are considered to be true Kewtians.

Proto Kewtians

The 1st generation of Proto Kewtians are the closest to humans, and will age (although slowly). They are still immortal however, and can access their younger form as a transformation. The 2nd generation of Proto Kewtians are similar to the first, although they don't age and are closer to true Kewtians.

True Kewtians

The 3rd generation (and beyond) of Kewtians are the ones that are considered to be the real Kewtians (or True Kewtians). They are known to be more playful and friendly than previous generations, as they're further away from human and are proper Kewtians. True Kewtians are usually more powerful than Proto Kewtians.

Kewtian God

Some of the true Kewtians can achieve a god-like state known as a Kewtian God after anywhere from 100 to 200 years (or more). A Kewtian God is typically known as a Kewtian who has grown so powerful that he/she can't become noticably stronger, has unlocked all (or close to all) abilities, is literally invincible to anything that isn't Chaos, etc. Technically their power is still increasing, but they are already so powerful that the difference is unnoticable. As such, these Kewtians are considered the most powerful.


Kewtians have a resemblance to humans, but they are much larger than humans even at a young age, so their increased size is usually a giveaway. As Kewtians grow older, their default size also increases.


Kewtians look human, although they actually possess a very different structure with unique biology.
First off, they have no skeletons, organs, or blood. Their bodies are completely pure and don't have any cells, bacteria, etc. Because of this it's usually said that a Kewtian is simply "made of Kewtian", as there are no materials or any actual biology involved.
This means they are mostly a single solid mass, and they weigh quite a lot. On average, a Kewtian weighs about 10x as much as a human of the same size. So a normal Kewtian that is 2 meters tall usually weighs 1000kg (1 ton) minimum. Their immense strength allows them to move despite this weight, though they're known to be slightly slow at a very young age when they're still building up their strength enough to move quicker. This lasts for a very short time, however.
It is also worth noting that while a Kewtian can take damage, their bodies are completely indestructible. Which means that even if they are hurt, their body will not receive any scratches, bruises, etc.

Kewtians also have no need for food, water, or air. They are completely immune to all temperatures as well, and are therefore not bothered by cold or heat, even if extreme.
Their skin and hair are completely smooth and soft, but the skin can be hardened at will for things like physical attacks. Kewtian hair also doesn't grow, so a Kewtian is known to have a single hairstyle. They also have no body hair, so the only hair a Kewtian has is on top of their head. Kewtians are also infinite on the inside, so anything consumed by a kewtian ends up inside this infinite space. Because of this, they don't digest food like most other beings might.

Young Kewtians

Kewtians are different from many species in how they mature. While the assumption would be that they function the same way as humans, this isn't true.
First off, a Kewtian is born very quickly (in a day at most), and when ready the Kewtian comes out in the form of an "egg". The egg isn't an actual egg however; it's a smooth glowing sphere which is the Kewtian's first stage. This sphere is very small at first, but will grow to around half the size of the parents.

When the sphere is fully grown, the young Kewtian appears inside and the sphere fades away. Kewtians have no baby stage, so the new Kewtian is already intelligent and able to communicate. After this, the Kewtian will grow into an adult.


The Kewtians originated at some point on the planet Mignia. Later on, the Kewtians have appeared on other worlds as well, such as Helicalia and Tanrega. Eventually they also created their own home, called Kewtia.


As Kewtians are playful and relaxed creatures, they're known to play and mess around. They also like to use bright colors when building their structures, and tend to prefer green grass, a blue sky etc. Both of these can be seen in Kewtia, where the environment is generally warm and comfortable.

Their tendency to play games sometimes means that some other creatures may view the Kewtians as childish. This is not entirely true however, as Kewtians are incredibly smart and capable of being responsible if necessary. They are simply exempt from many things that other beings need to do, which (together with their god-like powers) allows the Kewtians to do virtually whatever they want.


Despite their relaxed and peaceful nature, Kewtians love to fight, and they are known to be brave. They also use their power to protect the multiverse from various threats, and are known around the multiverse as guardians, titans, and gods.

Having been on various adventures and fought many strong opponents is almost seen as a status symbol to the Kewtians. Other than their wish to protect the multiverse, their love for adventures is a big reason why Kewtians can rarely be found on other worlds, as they're usually looking for an exciting adventure or a powerful enemy. Every Kewtian wants to achieve something, and their couragous and powerful nature means that saving the world (or multiple) is a common achievement.


Kewtians are known to be good parents, due to their friendly nature. They deeply care about their children, just as they do toward other Kewtians in general.
Although, it's worth noting that since Kewtians are immortal and have very few needs, raising a Kewtian child is also very easy. This is only made easier by the fact that Kewtians don't have a baby stage, mature quickly, and are intelligent from birth.

Younger Kewtians (once they reach young adulthood) are usually sent to other worlds (ex: Tiro and Sulo being sent to Helicalia). This is for multiple reasons: It's seen as part of a Kewtian's life to go on adventures and achieve great things, Kewtian parents want their children to have their own experiences outside of Kewtia, and it helps protect the multiverse.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Kewtians are very powerful beings, and have various abilities.


  • Infinite potential. Kewtians can reach any level of power if they train and fight. A Kewtian's overall power affects their strength, speed, size limit, reaction speed, and more. However, it is worth noting that their powers can also deteriorate somewhat, if they don't train or use them over a very long time.
  • Immortality. Kewtians can't be killed. The only exception is with Chaos energy, which can cause them to temporarily go to sleep. They will wake up again later, almost like being in hibernation. Other than this, Kewtians live forever and don't age past adult age.
  • Super senses. Ex: eyesight, hearing, feeling, etc. All Kewtians have powerful senses, which are also boosted along with their overall power.
  • Massive in size, and all Kewtians have size manipulation powers. The limit of this size-changing ability depends on the Kewtian's overall power, but a powerful Kewtian can freely be any size they want.
  • Can gain and use virtually all abilities, although this varies with the Kewtian as they have different abilities. Ex: energy, magic, psychic powers, flight, reality manipulation, shapeshifting, and more. What abilities a Kewtian has, and what abilities a Kewtian can gain/learn depends on the individual.
  • Invincible bodies. A Kewtian's body can't be altered by other beings in any way, and are completely indestructible. This means that even if a Kewtian gets hurt, they can't receive wounds
  • Different biology. Despite looking humanoid, Kewtians have completely different anatomy. For example, they organs, blood, skeleton, their skin is completely smooth, etc. As such, they are “soft”. However, they can naturally harden their bodies for attacks, like punches. Their different biology also means they can’t be poisoned or become ill, as they are immune to all diseases due to both their biology as well as their powers. Their strange biology also means that anything affecting blood, bones, etc, are completely ineffective as well.
  • No (literal) soul. Kewtians are friendly creatures and capable of lots of emotion, but they have no literal soul inside themselves. This means that if an attack can target souls directly, it is ineffective against Kewtians.
  • Kewtian language. When a Kewtian speaks, they are always understandable to other creatures, regardless of their language or ability to communicate. This means Kewtians can always talk to other creatures, including beings that can't speak or understand other languages. They can understand every language spoken by other creatures as well, but only if it is words with an actual meaning.
  • Infinite on the inside. All Kewtians have an infinite void inside of them, which is where anything they swallow will go. Things can also be retrived from this void, in theory.
  • Unaffected by all temperatures. Kewtians can survive comfortably in literally any temperature, no matter how hot or cold. This also means they are immune to elements like fire and ice, making them resistant or entirely unaffected when hit by attacks that rely on temperatures.
  • Does not require food, water, or air. Kewtians have basically no needs, and survive on their own without issues. As such, eating food is purely for entertainment or taste, and has no real use.
  • Immunity against reality manipulation and similar powers. This also ties into their invincible bodies; a Kewtian can't be erased from existence or altered in any way by any other being. Also includes other effects, such as an inability to being cloned.
  • Immunity to a variety of other abilities, such as possession, mind control, energy absorption, etc. Some of these immunities can be bypassed through the Chaos element, but only a few.


  • They have a weakness against Chaos. It is their only weakness, and the only thing that can "kill" a Kewtian. Chaos can also hinder their abilities, counter a few of their immunities, etc. If a Kewtian is near a source of chaos, they will generally feel uncomfortable, annoyed, etc, as they can sense the nearby chaos energy.
  • Not immediately all-powerful. Kewtians start out very strong, far above any normal creature, but they still need to build up their powers to reach a god-like status.
  • No sense of smell. Even Kewtians with a "nose" don't actually have nostrils, and no Kewtians can actually smell anything. This can be entirely negated by the fact that their other abilities may replace the need to smell, however.
  • At a very young age, Kewtians might struggle slightly with moving their heavy bodies. Although their strength builds up fairly quickly, making this a very temporary problem.