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This page contains content on Abnohusk #4.
This Abnohusk belongs in the Unknown safety category.
Aliases: Infinity Core Bot
Classification Information
ID: #4
Safety Level: Unknown
Location: Loturm cell 55N88W
Date of Discovery:
  • Discovery by Guppy in broken timeline

Konetz (otherwise known as Infinity Core Bot) is one of the entities Guppy had to fight before getting to Chronotvar II. The entity is a robot powered by Infinity Cores and can be possessed by a life. It is unknown who possessed Konetz before the life fled the bot, but the remains were moved into cell 55N88W.


This robot has two unbreakable glass domes, one on top and one on in the middle. The middle dome would house energy obtained from Infinity Cores and the top dome was always known to be empty; however it appears to have been made to hold a head inside before. The arms are made up of a gray Emerildium alloy that can instantly morph into different appendages, and same with the legs. The legs mostly stay as thick and wide pillars for walking and crushing.

For whatever reason, the middle dome is filled with black spheres that absorb all light that hits them. They are assumed to be some kind of deactivated Infinity Cores, despite the fact that they are never supposed to be deactivated and always contain an abundant amount of energy. The type of cores are unidentifiable, but they seem a little dangerous as it is speculated they draw in energy.

Holding Description

The cell in which Konetz is held has unbreakable glass walls, but they are very hard to see through as the inside of the cell has froze up and frost covered the walls. Despite there being a round light on the ceiling of the cell, the corner in which the robot is held is shrouded by darkness. It is assumed that Konetz has been in this cell for almost as long as the age of the universe, but there are no records of who placed it there. Overtime, the robots shell "eats" light and energy, leaving its surroundings cold. It is also unclear how the cell has ice in it, as there should've been no precipitant in the cell. The ice seems to have similar chemical makeup as Human tears.

Research and Logs

This is one of the most interesting Abnohusks in Loturm dimension. The only creature so far known to come into contact with a sentient Konetz is Guppy in the alternate broken timeline from the Kosmotvar era. M.O.G. seems to know something about the robot which he dreads, and the rest of the SP Creatures allegedly know of it as well, but it is kept strictly confidential.

SP Creatures appear to feel safe and unthreatened near this empty shell, but M.O.G. feels very tired and cautious even coming near the cell.

Log #1

Conducted at: ??? (Kosmotvar era, broken timeline)
Witnesses: Guppy

Guppy fought Konetz in the Infinity Core Caves while attempting to normalize the broken timeline to reach Chronotvar. The encounter with Konetz was unexpected as this robot never appeared in SP before, despite appearing to be similar to the invading robots from 2005-2007. Konetz was seen absorbing several Infinity Cores that he harvested from deep within the caves, and radiantly glowing with energy. The top dome was glowing with white light. The robot appeared to have been possessed by a very weary being, who believed he owed Guppy an explanation. The following was said by the robots host:

"Everything started going south. It had been for a long time, and I was mad at my creator for forcing me through such a miserable life. I was tired of my life being out of my control, and that all needed to change. I feel like I'm so close to the end of my mission, and you're in my way. I like you, but please, leave this crumbling place and let me feel fulfilled just this one last time"

Guppy felt like he wasn't able to hurt this robot in any way, not because of it's composition, but mentally. At the same time, he felt like Konetz was just trying to scare him off and make him leave the area. While Konetz started charging up a huge attack, Guppy felt it was a bluff and stood in the way. The robot failed to attack, and it stopped moving. It came closer, and uncomfortable muffled screeching started coming from inside the top dome. Once it stopped, the robot started apologizing. The following was recorded from the conversation:

"I didn't want to keep the strength to move on, I wanted it all now. I gave up everything, my life, my body, my world, just to finally free myself of all my misfortunes; all because I couldn't bear to be strong to get through them. Seeing you again... I couldn't help but be ashamed of myself. I will make things right this time, I'll find my way back to you."

After the dialogue, a white orb (resembling a super pure form of an SP Creature leaves the top dome. This might indicate that the robot was possessed by an unknown SP inhabitant. It rubs up against Guppy's head, giving him warmth, before it leaves seemingly not through space but time as well. The Infinity Cores in the middle dome start to collide furiously with each other at immeasurable speeds, and the empty robot shell implodes into itself. It is unknown how it got into the cell, and why it appears to be from the real timeline but over billions of years old.