Squared Palace

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Squared Palace
  • King Kvarol's Castle
  • Water Temple
Located in:
Created By: Octopus58
Population: 2
Date Created: 2016

Squared Palace is a large blue castle that belongs to the squares, Kvarol and Soverdat. It is located south south west of Hex City in the V2A region. It overlooks The Tree Winds, Sunset Hill, a part of the Zelosian Ocean, and V2A overall.

Physical Geography

The land that the palace is built upon is relatively flat, with a river from the ocean flowing in between two landmasses. The pillars are connected by a bridge over the top, with one pillar being on an island, and the other being on the main land mass.

The palace is made out of various colors of glazed, hardened clay with traces of Emereldium. The outer bricks are blue, the walls have variations of green and purple. Inside there are several rooms and halls, mostly floored with red, green, or orange dyed carpets made of camel wool. There are bookshelves full of trinkets and toys, and they rarely have books in them. Pots made of beige, pastel green or pink dyed clay are placed in various places in the palace, and torches are used to light the halls. There are also many pillars, both carved and plain placed around the palace for support and decoration.

The palace has a water channeling system that brings water across the different rooms and chambers. Water is either channeled into waterfalls for decoration, or for other displays that require water to be there. Often the golden pipes and filters carved in the walls are just used as decorations for the running water. A lot of the water however goes down below, into the Secret Aquarium halls. Secret Aquarium is a long running luxurious hall that passes under the palace.



The palace is home to four different Aruzhi, who guard the place from potential intruders. They mostly stay in their static weapon form until threatened. Besides the Aruzhi, the palace is also home to the three block siblings, Garoshni, Glyuk, and Gargka. They each have their own rooms and often meet up to play and run down the halls. Sish and Roza both live in the same room, and often fly around the palace looking for creatures to talk to and things to catch up on. Chericant often goes out of his room to sing for the creatures in the palace, including the squares.

The squares themselves (Kvarol and Soverdat) are in charge of looking over the palace and constantly protecting it from potential threats. Kvarol resides on the top of the V2A pillar, while Soverdat resides on top of the mainland pillar. They will always go investigate if they see something off around the palace as well. Often they will also go out of the palace just to meet up with the other creatures as well.


The king decorated the palace with different flowers including red, yellow, and even light blue roses. In the balconies of the palace, the squares grow unique Golden Tomatoes, which on outer appearance look like regular yellow tomatoes, but have a spicy, fried chick pea like filling submerged in tomato juice. Essentially, they taste like spicy fallafel bombs with tomato.