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Aliases: None
Located in: Nebess Peak
Created By: M.O.G
Guardians: Seven Chronos
Population: 7
Date Created: October 25th, 2021

Vrolota is the magical floating island court of the Seven Chronos. It functions not only as a gathering point, but also a training ground and the summoning grounds for Kosmozol.


This island floats about one hundred meters above the highest point of Nebess Peak. It is about 25 meters in diameter with a large pond in the middle, surrounded by thrones on the west side. On the far west, there is a stairway leading to a portal that can lead into any spacetime coordinate within SP. If everyone from the Seven Chronos enters the portal however, it will summon Kosmozol.

The floor on the island is made of a pear like material rimmed with a shiny gold metal.


  • The Seven Chronos will often train and better their abilities by fighting on top of Vrolota. They also occasionally throw parties for the other creatures to come and swim in the pond.