Guo Gang

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Guo Gang
Founded: Before 2013, after 2007
Leader: Bibog

The Guo Gang is a peaceful pirate crew that mostly sails the Zelosian Ocean, led by Captain Bibog. Mostly in charge of discoveries, they board the Guo Ark as they explore distant islands that are not yet charted on the map.


Before Grouping

Before the Guo Gang was formed, around the time of his creation, Bibog was corrupted and would cause a lot of trouble. However after being purified, he mostly explored the dry lands in silence. Later on when more creatures were created, he inquired if some of them want to become part of his exploration gang. After gathering, they built the Guo Ark, which became the portable home of these wandering creatures. Since then, they sail around the ocean and either go on small missions, or relax on a peaceful island.

Discovery of Hazelands Island

On February 27th 2021, the Guo Gang has decided to sail south, further than they ever have from the shore outside Hex City.



Bibog is the captain of the Guo Gang. He's very daring and adventurous, which he uses to push his team to go beyond their boundaries and find some new discoveries. Being a fun loving captain however, he often has feasts for his whole crew and long days of play. The well being of the gang is his top priority, and he makes sure they're always happy.


In the case of an enemy attack, Bombik is in charge of using his specialty attack, bombing. The bombs are able to emit whatever kind of energy or magic he chooses. However since attacks rarely happen, he mostly lights up the night with his bombs acting as colorful fireworks.


Booritzeh scouts the sky to look far ahead for landmarks and waypoints.


Dereham acts as a beacon of the Guo Ark, as he is very bright by default and his light shines quite a large distance.


Galov uses the ingredients gathered by Karov to prepare extravagant foods throughout the day. He uses his default small size to perform very accurate chops, mixing and mashing of the food he's preparing.


Karov is in charge of agriculture, like collecting special ingredients to prepare meals for feasts. Even though SP creatures do not require food for sustenance, they have large pleasure in eating lots of food; so that makes Karov's role very important to the rest of the crew.


Palaka analyses and logs findings from dry land and the sky.


Rhipelim analyses and logs findings from the ocean or other bodies of water.


Testoola is the Spirtako brewer for the crew. Using some of Karov's ingredients (especially petals), he prepares drinks for everyone aboard to drink throughout the day.


Traika is the musician of the crew. She can sing, dance, or play any instrument for lifting the mood.


Weshrel is in charge of researching the findings of Palaka and Rhipelim.


Zemel is a story teller, who entertains the rest of the crew with different tales or acts.