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Aliases: -


Biographical Information
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 2017
Place of Birth: Earth
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Physical Description
Species: Bekula
Gender: Male
Height: 200 cm
Weight: Medium Heavy
Eye Color: Black
Other Colors: Orange with brown stripes

Karver is a P.O.D. of Bever. He is very fluffy and orange with brown stripes, similar to a domestic cat. Karver is very playful and feisty, and very quick to attack an enemy. He lives in Sunset Hill, where he has a small house made of yarn. It is closer to the shore so he can be closer to Bever.



Karver is very fluffy, warm and orange with brown stripes. He has a teal belly, a small wet pink nose, two ears, and a large soft tail. His claws are retractable and are incredibly sharp. He is hollow inside, as the space inside of him is infinite (with his heart in the middle). His mouth and eyes send all senses to the heart. Like any other creature in SP, his heart makes him immortal and he can also morph into anything he wants, however the default shape is the one he is seen in 99% of the time.


Like any creature in SP, Karver has the option to use any ability or power. However as a preference, he likes using his claws and teleportation. When fighting, he will not resist scratching and biting his opponents.

Some notable attacks are:

  • Shredder: Karver tears mercilessly at his opponent with all four of his limbs.
  • Cat lives: In a situation where Karver feels he is about to get hit by an opponent, he will quickly teleport to where he was slightly before to avoid the attack.
  • Cage: Karver will expand his claws as much as possible and grab his opponent causing massive cutting damage.
  • Teleslash: Karver teleports around while slashing with his sharp claws


Karver has many different forms that each have a specific role to execute a certain action.

  • Super: Fur turns yellow and black, all abilities buffed
  • Super 2: Fur turns white and dark blue, abilities buffed even further
  • Super 3:Body starts glowing, Karver becomes intangible with even further buffed abilities
  • Super Pure: Karver turns into a small instance of beige colored shining light about half a meter in diameter. Collision with this very bright ball causes massive damage, nearly infinite.




  • Karver likes to eat things that taste like fish, but he'd never eat an actual living fish.
  • Karver likes playing with yarn