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SP Name: KoSMoZoL / ksmzl
Aliases: Timeless Woman
Biographical Information
Marital Status: None
Date of Birth: 2017
Place of Birth: None
Place of Residence: Vrolota
Physical Description
Species: Special Person
Gender: Female
Height: Constantly Fluctuating
Weight: Infinite
Eye Color: {{{eyes}}}
Other Colors: {{{colors}}}


Kosmozol who appears to be female is a Spirit that appears once all Seven Chronos fuse together. Her composure is unknown, as she gives off readings that compare to those of another dimension. She uses the power of all the Seven Chronos, and one more unknown energy source, to defend problems that occur with time. She also is able to fuel any Human with life, both in terms of energy and desire to continue.

Kosmozol demonstrates the complete opposite characteristics of Kosmotvar, as she is fueled by pure love and happiness. She is also made up of eight independent lives, opposed to Kosmotvar which is lifeless. She does not have a mind of her own, but rather eight different minds (seven SP Hearts, and one Human mind).

Kosmozol displays strange physical characteristics, as interacting with her will teleport you into a random dimension, random space, at a random point of time. However, her task is to send things from other dimensions and times back to where they came from.