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Logo drawn by SpicyCoffee
Release Information
Series: MEOS essentials
Type: Web browser
Platforms: MEOS
Release Date: December 8th 2019

LeafNet is a web browser for MEOS. It has a chromium backend, allowing it to run HTML5 applications, and have preview for different kind of files hosted either locally or on the web such as html, video/audio, WebGL apps, and html5 applications.


LeafNet is one of the earliest utilities developed for MEOS, starting from build 0.0.23. Using a purchased asset for background operations, early UI and functions were developed to make it compatible with ME-OS. 1.5 years later, SpicyCoffee redesigned the UI and new features were added.


One of the most prominent features of LeafNet is the ability to have the browser open at any time in the OS. It has a maximize mode which can be used for browsing at a larger resolution, and browsing the web while using any other main application.

The browser is capable of running HTML5 applications, including web games. It also supports numerous file types for previewing mp4, mp3, wav, ogg, pdf, raw text, and more. However, it unfortunately does not support H.264 video codecs, making some streaming services (such as YouTube live, Netflix) unable to work.

Entering links that begin with http://, https://, IP addresses, local and file paths all open their respective destination. Whatever can not be resolved into those categories triggers a google search.

External Links


  • This browser was partially possible by financial backing from IndieAnjelo.
  • The browsers homepage is hosted inside the games files. You actually can't access it outside of the game!