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SP Name: GoLANACUR / glncr
Aliases: None
Relatives: None
Biographical Information
Marital Status: Married to Zhemra
Date of Birth: 2010
Place of Birth: Caved In Cavern
Place of Residence: Caved In Cavern
Physical Description
Species: Riyasher
Gender: Male
Height: 2 meters
Weight: Very Heavy
Eye Color: Black with red iris
Other Colors: Green body

Golanaur is a green aquatic beast that lives in the Caved In Cavern of Zelorock Isles. He was long forgotten and had feelings of betrayal and confusion for over ten years. Now that he was purified and everything was explained to him, he continues to live in Zelorock Isles happily. He enjoys decorating his cave with beautiful lights and other furniture, awaiting guests to have fun with.

Before he was purified, he was created by Unknown Entity around 2010. It was suspected that he was in Caved In Caverns at some point, but no one went to look. Coincidentally, Cloud forgot about him as well and didn't give him a purpose or motive to attack SP. Feelings of betrayal brewed with Golanaur but he didn't bother leaving his cave, until the Guo Gang went to explore and helped M.O.G. fight Golanaur off until he was able to be purified.



Golanaur is long, tall, green and very smooth. His skin always seems to be wet, and he has two big horns on top of his head. He has two frilly ears, and a long tail with a sawblade at the end. His mouth, ears and eyes send all senses to the heart. Even though he does not have a nose, he can still smell with psychic abilities. Like any other creature in SP, his heart makes him immortal and he can also morph into anything he wants, however the default shape is the one he is seen in 99% of the time.


Like any creature in SP, Golanaur has the option to use any ability or power. However as a preference, he likes to use electricity, ice and fire magic. When fighting, he often uses his sawblade at the end of his tail.

Some notable attacks are:

  • Bite: Golanaur sinks his very sharp teeth into the opponent.
  • Full circle: Golanaur turns around really quickly with the saw on his tail being active, cutting the opponent very quickly.
  • Echoes of a Blade: Golanaur has green lightning traces of his saw blade start coming out and slicing anything they touch, summoning green lightning bolts at points of collision.
  • Blue Breath: Golanaur breathes a stream of blue fire towards the opponent which freezes them, sometimes enough to cast them in ice.
  • Electronic: Golanaur has a lightning ball form between his two horns that starts shooting a laser like projectile in whichever direction he's facing. His lightning is green.


Golanaur has many different forms that each have a specific role to execute a certain action.

  • Super: Body turns violet, all abilities buffed
  • Super 2: Body turns light blue, abilities buffed even further
  • Super 3: Water constantly starts flowing from Golanaur and his eyes become covered by a red visor, becomes intangible with even further buffed abilities
  • Super Pure: Golanaur turns into a small instance of green colored shining light about half a meter in diameter. Collision with this very bright ball causes massive damage, nearly infinite.



  • Golanaur likes to eat rice, specifically sushi rice.
  • Golanaur was found and purified on June 30th 2022.