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Origin: Spawn
Rarity: Uncommon
Created By: M.O.G.

Gons are the first species to be native to SP. While characteristics can harshly vary, their body shape (which also acts as a head most the time) is almost always that of a fat jelly bean. While sometimes this can vary (e.g. [[Antibiotah, Goshadar), Gons usually have spherical detached hands and ellipsoid detached feet.



Gons have very smooth and warm skin, usually with no hair or fur (with the exception of Gonkoshlex and Alaper). With their detached arms and legs they have very easy and flexible mobility by default. They don't have teeth, but can grow them at will. Their mouth just leads to an infinite pocket, so they have no real stomach or digestive system; however they do really enjoy eating.


Gons vary a lot in preferred abilities, but one thing that unites most of them is their love for speed. They are often found stamping around and running about.


Forms vary from creature to creature.


The occupations for Gons vary severely.