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SP Name: QaDoM / qdm
Aliases: None


Biographical Information
Marital Status: Single
Date of Birth: 2017
Place of Birth: Hex City lab
Place of Residence: Nebess Observatory
Physical Description
Species: Bekula
Gender: Male
Height: 205 cm
Weight: Heavy
Eye Color:
  • Eyes: Pure white
  • Pupils: Pure black
Other Colors:
  • Body: Red
  • Wings: Light Blue and Magenta
  • Core: Purple
  • Horns: Yellow

Shadom is one of the Seven Chronos, with the tag Red or "Krasno". He's very fluffy and warm, with a shining purple core on his chest (removable). He lives with his small squad up in Nebess Peak, surrounding the Nebess Observatory. He watches over the unfolding of the Kosmotvar Crisis aftermath and is on the constant lookout for exploitable anomalies. He loves giving his friends big hugs and keeping them warm as he really loves company and attention.



Shadom is a very fluffy and warm red creature. He has four wings, the top ones are light blue and the bottom ones are magenta. On the top of his head are two small yellow horns. In the center of his body he has an Infinity Core, which supplies him with unpredictable energy. His mouth and eyes send all senses to the heart. Even though he does not have a nose or ears, he can still hear and smell with psychic abilities. Like any other creature in SP, his heart makes him immortal and he can also morph into anything he wants, however the default shape is the one he is seen in 99% of the time.


Like any creature in SP, Shadom has the option to use any ability or power. However as a preference, he likes using a variety of magic including nonsense. When fighting, he often surprises his opponents with a barrage of unexpected attacks.

Some notable attacks are:

  • Heat Storm: Large cotton like clouds will start hovering over Shadom as they emit large bolts of lightning. Fire will also start raining from them, accompanied by a heavy sand storm.
  • Cloudy Trail: Shadom will turn into a red flying cotton ball and leave behind similarly shaped balls in a trail or around the opponent. Then all these cotton balls combust and explode.
  • Kaleidoscope: Shadom will plunge his arm forward but it will not only grow much larger, it will branch out every fourty centimeters or so in a tree pattern creating a strange net of arms. Then, he swats the enemy while the network of arms is set on fire.
  • Clone Wars: Shadom will create multiple Krasnodom themed colored clones of himself. They are non living and animated by him dynamically. They will all head towards the opponent, hug them, and then explode.
  • Tentacle Monster: Shadom will seemingly start burning into the ground at his feet and while he sinks, burning light blue and magenta tentacles will start arising from the ground around him grabbing any opponent in sight or just flailing around. Contact with the tentacles does random status damage.
  • Void Plunger: While holding on to an opponent, Shadom will plunge into the ground until he reaches the void bellow. He will then fight the opponent while airborne, emitting large amounts of energy from his core. Once ready, he will emit a large energy beam at the opponent, pummeling them even further down into the void, but as they both fall Shadom opens a hole in space that will end up back at where they started.


Shadom has many different forms that each have a specific role to execute a certain action.

  • Super (Cotton Shadom): Fur turns white while his wing like parts turning yellow. He starts to smell like laundry detergent. All abilities are buffed.
  • Super 2 (Candy Shadom): Fur turns light pink while top wings turn pastel green and the bottom ones pastel blue. He starts to smell like sugar. Abilities buffed even further.
  • Super 3 (Nonsense): Whole body catches fire and eyes turn yellow. Making eye contact with Shadom will cause him to disappear and reappear behind the observer. He becomes intangible with even further buffed abilities
  • Super Pure: Shadom turns into a small instance of red colored shining light about half a meter in diameter. Collision with this very bright ball causes massive damage, nearly infinite. With the combination of the rest of the Seven Chronos, Shadom becomes part of a larger entity, Kosmozol


None at the moment


  • Shadom loves to eat cotton candy